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Teaching and Education

Summit 2022

TE SUMMIT 2022 will bring together teachers, educators, researchers, and companies redefining education. Join us now.

09-11 NOVEMBER’22


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

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We live in tumultuous times – the technological and scientific progress has never been more stark, but neither has the backlash of the progress. Globalisation has unleashed the power of innovation on a truly massive scale, which both opens up unprecedented opportunities for growth and points out the lack of preparedness to contain the negative side effects. 

Education and teaching have always been at the heart of progress. It’s the foundation that is expected to sustain brilliant breakthroughs, manage risks, and inspire continuous development. The only way the education sector can provide a strong foundation is if it continuously evolves and adapts to the needs of society.

Teaching and Education Summit 2022 is an interactive event and knowledge platform for everyone involved in the field of education. The goal of #TESUMMIT2022 is to create an environment that facilitates conversations and the exchange of ideas that move the field forward, inspire collaboration, and create a bridge that connects ideas and minds from around the world.


There are events and then there are experiences. We work hard on assembling a line-up of inspiring speakers and acclaimed professionals to create a solid framework for the event. We then apply our decades of working in the industry, utilise technologies, and develop innovative formats to create a truly memorable experience for our attendees.

Education Summit
● Attend online
● Immerse yourself in the interactive learning experience
● Network with fellow scholars, educators, and academics
● Discover new research and partnership opportunities
● Build your own schedule from a range of themes and seminars
Education Summit
Education Summit

Keynote Presentation Title

Challenges of Education in the Disadvantaged and Developing Contexts

Keynote Speaker

Professor John Traxler, FRSA

Professor of Digital Learning, Institute of Education, University of Wolverhampton UNESCO Chair on Innovative Informal Digital Learning in Disadvantaged and Development Contexts

Education Summit

Speaker line-up

Each speaking proposal is carefully vetted and evaluated based on the strictest criteria for quality, originality, and relevance.

Ray Archee

Western Sydney University, Australia

Lukas Carey

Lived Experience Academic, Australia

Martha Matashu

North West University, South Africa

María Castelló

Clemente Estable Research Institute (MEC), Uruguay

Linda Carozza

York University, Canada

Ray Archee

Western Sydney University, Australia

Lukas Carey

Lived Experience Academic, Australia

Martha Matashu

North West University, South Africa

María Castelló

Clemente Estable Research Institute (MEC), Uruguay

Linda Carozza

York University, Canada

Carol Klages

University of Houston-Victoria, US

Lin Lim

Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, US

Patrice Morgan

City University of New York, US

Edita Slunjski

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Zagreb

Jaya Majumder

DPS Modern Indian School, Qatar

Gabriella Cagliesi

University of Sussex, England

Borja Manzano Vázquez

University of Granada, Spain

Christian Williams

Assumption University, Thailand

Olga Samsonova

Instructional System Designer, JIRACOR, US

Letitia Basford

Hamline University, US

Mirela Müller

Franz Karl University of Graz, Croatia

Tovar Gálvez

Universität Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany

Rona Bušljeta Kardum

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Emiliana Pereira

Colégio Novo da Maia, Portugal

Pedro Miguel de Freitas Azevedo

Teacher of English at Colégio Novo da Maia, Portugal

Anna Moni

Department of English and Modern Languages at Deree – the American College of Greece

Martyna Elerian

University of Nicosia,Cyprus

Maroje Višić

Libertas International University in Zagreb

Eunice Tan

Head of Special Education, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Jenny Grant Rankin

Fulbright Specialist for the U.S. Department of State, USA

Laila Mohebi

Zayed University, United Arab Emirates

Miguel Ángel Fuertes

University of Salamanca, Spain

Scott McLeod

University of Colorado Denver, USA


Themes of the Education Summit

The Teaching and Education Summit will feature 8 themes, as well as 20+ workshops, roundtables, and seminars. Whether you are interested in learning about the impact of the latest technology on the field of education, are passionate about the subject of lifelong learning, or would like to get inspired by research on innovative teaching techniques, you will be delighted by the range of subjects, speakers, and learning formats at # TESUMMIT2022.

Education Summit

WHAT You Will Hear and Learn at TESUMMIT

Emerging Education Technologies

  • 4Cs for Future Jobs
  • AI Impacts on Education
  • Disruptive Technology
  • Edtech in Africa
  • Education 4.0 Model
  • HyFlex
  • ICT4D2 and School Digital Transformation
  • International Schools
  • Live Virtual Program Design
  • Metaverse for Education
  • New Learning Ecosystems
  • Pedagogical Insights
  • Systemic Techniques
  • Virtual Field Experiences

Inclusive Learning

  • Career Skills 
  • Children With Special Needs
  • Environmental Education and Cultural Inclusion
  • Gender and Pathways to Inclusivity 
  • Gender: Affirming Spaces at All Levels
  • I-Ready in Tiered Instructions 
  • Inclusive Classroom
  • Inclusivity in Higher Education
  • Inclusivity in the Classroom 
  • LGBTQ+ Affirming Schools
  • Lived Experience in Education 
  • Multi-Access Learning for Student Engagement
  • Power Relations in Music Higher Education 
  • Reflective Thinking and Writing 
  • Special Education Needs

Pedagogical Innovations

  • Beyond Pandemic Pedagogy
  • Challenges in Peripheral Regions 
  • Creative and Immersive Presentation 
  • Cultivating Character in Classroom
  • Debating: 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skill
  • Designing Excellence into Student Engagement 
  • E-learning Best Practices 
  • Educational FLIP
  • Gamification and Education
  • Gamification on GeoGebra 
  • Gap Years and ROI of College
  • Grammar Delivery: Mission Achievable
  • interactive whiteboards 
  • K-12 Schools and Experiential Education
  • Multi-Stakeholder Assessment Methods 
  • Neurobiology of Learning
  • Overcoming Adversity & Thriving in Uncertainty 
  • Pedagogical Documentation 
  • Peer-Based Learning
  • School District Initiatives
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills 
  • Storytelling to Share Information 
  • Student Uptake of Feedback
  • Teach-Back Strategy
  • Use of YouTube in Class
  • VaKE Method within HEI Curricula
  • Vibrant, Virtual Learning Community

Lifelong Learning

  • Art and Science of Full Education
  • Calibrating Inner GPS
  • Coaching Competencies in Classroom
  • Combatting Impostor Syndrome
  • Digital Divide in TVET
  • Empowered Educators, Empower Students
  • Engage your Voices 
  • Experiences of Teachers Work Ethic
  • Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom
  • Lifelong Education for Professionals 
  • Power of Mindfulness
  • Renewed Outlook on Early Education
  • Teaching Philosophies in Higher Education Discourse

Language Education

  • Cognitive Overload in Online Language Learning Classroom
  • Effective Language Education 
  • Emotional-Psychological Type and Foreign Language Acquisition
  • Linguistic Diversity in Multilingual Education
  • Neurolanguage Coaching
  • Psychological and Study Profile Factors
  • Teaching Non-English-Speaking Students 
  • Technology to Support Oral Communication In EFL Classroom         
  • Tertiary Education in Japan 
  • Tiered Instructions for English Language Learners

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Best Practices in edTPA 
  • Cumulative Formative Assessments
  • Development of Participatory Practice 
  • Expecting and Inspecting Quality Instruction
  • Needs Analysis Importance 
  • Open Resources to Enhance Mathematics Learning 
  • Student Engagement in Online Spaces
  • Students' Performance Assessment and Covid Restrictions

Learning and skills

  • Blended Learning 
  • Competences of Disadvantaged Students
  • Digital Well-being of Peers and Community
  • K-12 Schools and Experiential Education
  • Learning and Skills Role on Human Capital 
  • Learning Skills in Foreign Language Acquisition
  • Moral Education in School Textbooks
  • Pedagogical Methodologies for Children with Special Needs
  • Professional Development of the Faculty
  • Public School Systems Beyond 21st Century Mindsets
  • Science of Teaching Reading Curriculum 
  • Storytelling to Share Information 
  • Students as Pedagogic Partners 
  • Video Learning Program

Education in Emergencies

  • Continuity of Learning and Achievement amidst Pandemic 
  • Online-Offline Learning Modality Challenges
  • Pre-Service Teachers and Initial Virtual Field Experiences 
  • Quality Distance Learning 
  • Reflective Representation for All Students 
  • School Partners
  • Self-efficacy, and Social Satisfaction in Online Learning 
  • Student Performance Before, During and After Covid 
  • Supporting Students Through Challenging Times
  • Teaching Mathematics and Science During Climate Emergency
  • Theories Of Didactics in Emergency Situations

One Event. Boundless Opportunities.

A virtual event that transcends expectations

Education Summit


The summit features a variety of formats to maximize your learning opportunities. Lectures, small discussion groups, panels, breakout sessions – everything to make sure that you learn not only from the esteemed panel of speakers but from other participants.

Get access to 16+ hours of educational content and 40+ sets of slides covering insightful research on trends, challenges, and innovative strategies and frameworks.

Education Summit


Meet fellow academics, members of various non-profit and government institutions, and representatives of for-profit organizations from the comfort of your home or office. Connect with brilliant minds from across the world. Identify partnership opportunities. Discover cutting-edge solutions.

From 1-on-1 networking sessions to live mixers – we have set up numerous platforms and modes to allow you to derive as much value as possible.

Education Summit


You will receive a certificate of participation in this prestigious event. As an academic, participation in relevant conferences plays an important role in showcasing your commitment to lifelong learning.

Education Summit



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Education Summit

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