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About #TESUMMIT2022 – THE Education Summit of the Year

Incredible opportunities, boundless networking, inspiring learning

How this global education summit came to be

The field of education is dynamic. It cannot afford to stay still. It must always keep up with the ecosystem around it – current trends, events, developments, expectations, and needs. The world experienced a health and economic crisis in the last two years. Caused by a pandemic of unprecedented scale, changes came unexpectedly, catching most of the world off-guard. Every industry has been impacted – tourism and hospitality, finance and banking, transport and logistics, and so on.

The role of teaching professionals is to adapt modern realities to their delivery of knowledge. However, how do you prepare for an abrupt change? How do you swiftly incorporate new technologies into your teaching methods? How do you ensure the quality of education in the times when external forces come to a standstill?

This education summit is organised to answer these types of questions. It will bring together educators and teaching professionals from around the world – whether they join online to discuss both unique and shared experiences, to brainstorm viable solutions, and to extract important lessons from the past two years that would make the field of education more resilient and agile.

Presentations by innovators and visionaries in the field

Relevant, insightful, and timely content is at the foundation of any successful event. That’s why, this education summit puts much emphasis on evaluating every incoming speaker application against a set of criteria for quality, authenticity, and relevance.

The scientific committee reviews every application from the content standpoint and the value it would deliver to the audience. The organising committee, in the meantime, works with every speaker on refining their presentation format to ensure maximum engagement and learning.

Education Summit
Education Summit
Education Summit

About the Summit

Teaching and Education Summit in numbers

Education Summit
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#TESUMMIT2022: The pledge

The Teaching and Education Summit is built upon the following seven pledges. We encourage every attendee, speaker, sponsor, and media partner to join us in this pledge.

1. To develop resilience when encountering challenges

We want to help empower the field with the right tools, frameworks, and resources to withstand social, economic, and political uncertainties.

2. To empower learners with critical thinking competencies, decision-making skills, and essential life skills

We strive to create a community that freely exchanges ideas, knowledge, and opinions – all to foster a more open-minded and action-driven network.

3. To facilitate positive thinking and approach

Hope and optimism towards our capabilities as humans and as a community to improve the environment around us must drive out decisions and actions.

4. To facilitate global access of knowledge transfer in education

We believe that knowledge must be democratized in order to push industries and our human evolution forward towards a more sustainable, equitable future.

5. To build a strong network of education and teaching experts

Knowledge should not be siloed. It must be exchanged within and outside of networks to make a true impact.

6. To foster smart education and online learning concepts

We want to see the field of education embracing all available mediums and technologies to make knowledge-sharing more accessible, engaging, and impactful.

7. To incorporate new trends in modern education

Teaching and education should never lose touch with the reality around it. To the contrary, our aim is to help the field become more agile and adaptable to trends in order to maximise the value of the knowledge it delivers.

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