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Why Attend

Why Attend

Why Attend This Education Summit

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Learning opportunities – where it all starts

The biggest reason anyone attends an industry event is to learn – to learn about upcoming trends in order to be prepared, to learn from the experience of others in order to apply the takeaways to their own work, to learn about the wins and the struggles in order to gain a deeper understanding of the ecosystem.

This global education summit will fill you with learnings and inspiration.

  • You will have a chance to understand new teaching and education policies around the world and how these policies are shaping global trends.
  • You will be immersed into a variety of interactive formats that will provide you with a rich mix of learning experiences.
  • You will have a chance to ask questions about the challenges you face in your work or your sub-field and gain feedback on your research.
  • You will learn not only from the esteemed panel of speakers but from other attendees – each joining with a treasure trove of experiences, perspectives, and ideas.
  • You will discover new approaches in education that will allow you to take a retrospective view at your own practices and identify areas for improvement.

Networking opportunities – what turns this into a memorable experience

If learning is the base of a conference cake, then networking is the icing. It’s what adds flavour, energy, and emotions. As such, creating networking opportunities should never be an after-thought. For this education summit, we have designed a variety of networking formats and events that will turn this event into a true experience, into memories that will delight you for years when you look back at them.
• Interactive sessions are designed to blur the lines between speakers and attendees in order to foster the feeling of community and truly immersive learning.
• Q&A breaks, and other networking sessions will present opportunities to actively engage with fellow attendees, sponsors, and presenters to identify partnership opportunities and exchange experiences.
• Learning should not be limited to the trends in your field. Use the event to learn of collaboration opportunities, research grants, and other events that could take your career to the next level.

Events end. The takeaways last.

Our goal is to create a ripple effect. We do not want the learnings to be contained to the immediate attendees of the event. We want to see it spread far and wide. We want every attendee, speaker, and sponsor to walk away from this education summit feeling inspired and pass that inspiration on to their networks and communities.
That’s why we provide a platform for everyone involved in the event long after the summit is over to continue to exchange ideas, impressions, and learnings as a part of a larger network of educators.
We will keep you up to date on the accomplishments, new opportunities, exciting events, and relevant news in your network.
Education Summit

Don’t miss out on everything #TESUMMIT2022 has to offer

We can go on and on about the benefits of the event, but why don’t you experience it for yourself!

TESUMMIT Certificate

All TESUMMIT attendees will have the opportunity to learn in an enjoyable and engaging virtual environment and besides,

  • Get a prestigious Printable certificate
  • Benefit from a permanent support
Education Summit


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